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    Gun-It Deodorizing Stain Remover

    Gun-It Deodorizing Stain Remover

    Featuring the first stain remover specially formulate to vaporize both odours and stains from absorbent material surfaces with no harmful acids and no chemical residues! Just SPRAY... and WALK AWAY!

    Gun-It™ is a unique alkaline formulation that dissolves away organic-based stains and odours without scrubbing or rinsing. As it works, Gun-It™ breaks down into water and oxygen leaving no chemical residues to damage fabrics and finishes. 

    • Vaporizes stains and odours with the power of activated oxygen
    • Acid-free - won't harm interior fabrics and surfaces
    • Spray and walk away - no rubbing, scrubbing or blotting required
    • Safe and Strong: no environmental hazard; no chemical residue
    • Guaranteed effective against most common organic stains

      Coffee • Food • Chocolate • Red Wine • Blood • Grass Stains • Mold • Mildew • Skunk Odour • Tobacco Smoke

      Manufactured by SurfaceScience® - a GardGroup company.
      For more information on SurfaceScience® and for a complete list of products please visit
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      Gun-It® products are offered in Canada exclusively through licensed distributors of GardGroup Inc.

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